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My Brother And I

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The first time my brother and I had sex was...Unforgettable. The wall that separated his room from mine was paper thin, and at night...when he thought everyone had fallen asl33p, he would watch pornography...and masturbate. If I pressed my ear to the wall...it was like I could hear every stroke he made as he jerked his cock. The sound of my brother masturbating sent shivers down my spine...and I couldn't help but touch myself too. And then...he heard me. The two of us listened to each other...touching ourselves...it was almost like we were fucking each other through the wall. I knew that I wanted him. The sexual tension between us had grown over the years...and it was waiting to explode. And then I just couldn't stop myself...I texted him...we both knew what we were doing...we started sexting right away. My pussy was getting more and more wet as we masturbated for each other, I couldn't stop thinking about my brother's bare cock inside of me. I wanted him to fuck me...I wanted him to fuck me the way that I knew only my brother could fuck me...
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: A cinematically shot piece of taboo erotica *Narrated by Meana Wolf*. Watch this brother/sister romance unfold as the young siblings let go of their inhibitions and act on their lust and undeniable sexual chemistry. Meana's sexy voice will send shivers down your spine and make your cock harder than ever in this incredibly sexy taboo clip. *This particular clip is not to be missed by my Brother/Sister erotica fans*


4 weeks ago, Eliottaken said:

Hey if this video is not going to work I want a refund

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