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Impulsive II

You felt like a total dick for being late to Jason’s Bday party. You didn’t have as much time to hang out as you used to now that Rugby practice was taking over your life. So you popped off your shoes and tried to make your way to the backyard where you knew all the dudes were hanging out. You didn’t expect Jason’s mom to walk out of her room in that bikini. Her hair all wet… her towel clinging to her hips. You’d always been hot for Jason’s mom… but you’d never been old enough to do anything about it. “I really need a shower” she says as she beckons you into the washroom. You had no idea how horny older women could be.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: It’s Jason’s Birthday Party and his horny mom has already fucked one of his friends. But she won’t be satisfied until she fucks each and every one of his buddies. **MILF. Older Woman, Younger Man. Cougar. Facial**


2 years ago, wolflair said:

Porn mommy, there is nothing "impulsive" about my habit of leaving work in LA every day, driving home and immediately settling in to stroke to another one of your cock-straining stories, there are so many to choose from! Yesterday it was "IMPULSIVE II" and it was sooooo good that I'm back today for another look and listen. Yesterday I blew a load when you called yourself a "dirty bitch" followed by "dirty slutty mom!" Meana, you know exactly how to trigger me! No matter what I watch, you are "MY DIRTY SLUTTY PORN MOMMY!" Thank you, David

2 years ago, wolflair said:

P.S. After enjoying this story again Porn mommy, a few observations; Billie has been waiting a long time for, "IMPULSIVE III," I'm sure that bathroom could accommodate more than just one horny boy, you in that bikini is indescribable, one of the high points of my day is watching you cum, and if Jason found out, he would be VERY MAD that he is NOT YOUR STEPSON! Thank you, Meana! Love and lust, David

1 year ago, Carlo said:

Billie Got blue balls

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