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Hot For Teacher

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You didn’t have it easy like your other classmates. You’d had a pretty fucked up life up until now and it has hardened you. Getting into fights was the norm…so were outbursts in class. You couldn’t believe Ms.Wolf would ever take an interest in you, but she did. She was determined to get you into college no matter how much special care and attention you needed. Even if it meant tutoring you on weekends…at her home. She swore to herself that she’d never be one of “those” teachers… she could lose her job… but she’ll do whatever it takes to motivate you.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: You’ve got it bad, so bad. You’re hot for teacher. **MILF. Older Woman, Younger man. Cheating. Teacher Student. Cum Shot**


11 months ago, 2pac1996 said:

Can you do a BJ with glasses on please only bj

4 months ago, Jane said:

I am a Beta Bitch for Meana

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