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The Ice Cold Meana Wolf has frozen most of the globe. Barely any life can survive the sub zero temperatures. You are the last surviving man on the planet. You know you need to stop her...but how? The only way to defeat her is to raise her temperature hot enough to make her melt...so you challenge her to a sex fight. If she cums, she'll melt. But if you cum, your body temperature will fall too low and you'll freeze. Meana's icy hot body is irresistible...her ice cold cunt squeezes your cock...you thrust yourself inside of her...she starts getting hotter and hotter. But you can't control your cock inside of her. Her power is too strong as she fucks you harder and harder. You feel yourself fading...your cock bulging inside of her. You get closer to the edge and not even your certain doom will stop you from shooting your load inside of her icy cold pussy. She laughs as your teeth begin to chatter...the chill sets in...the next ice age is about to begin.
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: You challenge the Ice Queen Meana Wolf to a sex fight. If you can make her cum she will melt, but if she makes you cum you'll freeze. You try your best...she starts getting wet as her pussy melts around your cock. But her sexual powers are much too strong, you don't stand a chance.


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