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Who Is Batman?

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Now now...don't struggle Robin. You know you can't escape from my clutches. And besides...if you stay awhile, you may find it very pleasurable. See I'm going to fuck your brains out heheh that's right...and once Batman sees this little video tape of us it's going to drive him insane. He'll never be able to trust you knowing that you've been inside of me. What do you think will make him more angry? The fact that you've fucked a criminal? Or the fact that it was your cock inside of me instead of his? hehehhe What better way to drive a wedge between the best of friends than with pussy? You can say no all you want...but your cock says yes. Yes fuck me harder Boy Wonder heheh Oh yes...You like it when this kitty licks all over your fucking cock? Of course you do...but now it's time for your punishment! Oh you didn't think you could just betray your best friend without a little punishment! hehe And you know they always say to let the punishment fit the crime? hehe Well I'm going to start sucking you...fucking you...stroking you...edging you...I'm going to make you cum so fucking hard. But when you do cum? hahah You're going to tell me who Batman is. And I won't stop jerking and your cock until you do! Now tell me, Who is Batman?!
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Catwoman Robin's cock hard and slides it inside her. She's videotaping, and this one's got Batman's name on it. She can't help but enjoy herself long after she has all the condemning footage that she needs...riding Robin's hard cock. Once she cums on his thick dick, she strokes him and sucks him. She want's to know who Batman is, and she's not going to stop stroking Robin's cock until he gives Batman up. How much of this sexual mind fuckery can Robin take? How much post cum can the Boy Wonder Handle!? Will he reveal the true identity of Batman? Watch "Who is Batman?" to find out!


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