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Diamond In The Rough

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Catwoman never trips an alarm… Not unless she wants to. So why, on this night would she choose to draw so much attention to herself? Maybe she knew you were attending the gala, and that you’d come looking for her. Of course she did, and of course you do. Tonight she doesn’t want to fight. Tonight she wants to play. She says you can have the Diamond back if you give her a nice hard fucking… you have to admit… you’d rather be fucking than fighting. You’ve had a boner for her since the first time you laid eyes on her… and she knows it. So be the hero she needs and deserves, and fuck her tight little asshole. You know… for Gotham. 
Xoxo Meana Wolf 

Clip Contains:  Catwoman is lonely, she needs to be fucked by someone with the physical strength and determination to match hers. She stages a robbery to get your attention and you’re not letting her walk away with a $10Million diamond…. AND you’re not letting her walk away without shoving your Batman dick in her ass. After a thorough strip search it’s clear she’s hidden the diamond somewhere you won’t believe… hint hint… It’s in her butt. **ANAL. Anal Acrobatics. Anal Play. Cosplay Parody. Catwoman vs Batman**


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