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Friend Zone

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You’d been friend zoned ever since grade 4. Sometimes you wanted her so badly it felt like you were going to spontaneously combust. But she only liked jerks.Typical. Her new boyfriend was no acceptation. So, you suggest the two of you do something to make him jealous, and when she finally stops laughing, she agrees. She want’s to make him suffer. She keeps saying that it doesn’t mean anything and that she’s just using your dick like a prop as she proceeds to give you the most intense head you’ve ever had. This is all you’ve wanted since you were old enough to know what blowjobs were. If only her boyfriend would stop calling.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your best friend is having boy troubles, so she asks to suck your cock to make him jealous. What’s a nice guy like you to do? **Infidelity. Cheating on the phone. Blow Job. Facial**


1 year ago, Xanmarino said:

Holy hell… the scene where she’s talking to me getting dressed and acting like all the hottest girls I’ve ever met… chefs kiss. I absolutely LOVE this role you could totally use this style in sooo many ways meana, once again you’ve made me blow a load just off the character’s personality.. lmao

1 year ago, Xanmarino said:

I’m so stunned by this performance… this was such a roller coaster ride! I was edging sooo hard for so long on my second nut, the way she switches from playful to slutty gf… I feel like my soul has left my body after a 2nd nut and I didn’t even finish the video. The part where he took the video building up the cum shot finished me, I tried sooo hard to hold it 😂

1 year ago, mrquilp said:

That is an instant classic! Great scene.

1 year ago, Deuce2178 said:

Good job on this one. It was awesome

1 year ago, winterlord said:

this would be a dream come true

1 year ago, Xanmarino said:

God I absolutely love this personality! Reminds me so much of my ex, she was suuuuper flirty and playful like that, it’s like she knew exactly what guys were thinking & she teased the whole room all the time. Every one wanted to fuck her cus of that ditzy lil flirty vibe 😍

1 year ago, Kitboy8 said:

May I have the version recorded by your husband’s mobile phone?

1 year ago, Xanmarino said:

I’m insanely excited for part II, this video has made me 💦 so many times. The playful flirty personality makes me sooo weak. I love imagining I’m the boyfriend on the other side of the phone. So many college girls are just like meana in this series she absolutely nailed it!

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