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First Date

Of course you were sweating. Your babysitter was walking around your house in her bikini. “You should wear the blue one” she says, pointing to the dress shirt on the dresser. She can’t help but notice how nervous you are about this date. “Wow, you must really like her. Have you jerked off yet?”. It’s amazing what young women can get away with saying. As if you’re not supposed to react to it. As if it didn’t make you think about all the ways she flirts with you and all the ways you’d love to fuck her if only you had the guts. But precocious girls like her are aware of the power they possess, that they can make your dick hard in an instant and use it how they see fit, just to see exercise that power over you. Looks like you’re going to be late for that date.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: A young girl decides to satisfy her curiosity about the man she babysits for. **Babysitter. Bikini. Creampie**


2 years ago, mrquilp said:

Another instant classic!!

2 years ago, brambles13 said:

I love the creampie videos, please keep them coming. This is really amazing content.

2 years ago, mmarob007 said:

Yeah... This is killer 😈

2 years ago, Retafman52 said:

Another excellent video of Meana enjoying herself and then with another. She really gets going and it gets us going. Im 70 and She can still get me to flagpole status

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