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I'm sick of guys like this. They come to get their hair cut at my home salon...and they think I'm just going to fuck them. Do I look like a whore? I mean sure...I like to wear provocative outfits...sure I like to flirt a little...It always gets me great tips. But some guys are such sleezeballs. And this guy is the worst yet. He tells me he's going to go out and celebrate his anniversary with his girlfriend...then he tells me he's going to propose to her...then he's begging me to rub my gorgeous manicured hands all over his cock. I'm so fucking sick of guys like this...I can't help myself. I handcuff him to the chair and I start to smother him...It gets me so hot. I start stroking his cock...he loves the feeling of my perfect fingers slide up and over his shaft as I cover his mouth...but I'm so angry...I muffle his words and moans of pleasure...I want him to shut the fuck up...I fully cover his face with my hands...and just as he cums...I decide I want to go all the way. Scumbags like this don't deserve mercy.
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Hand Fetish. Hand over Mouth Fetish. Hand worship. Hand job. Smothering. Post cum . Lots of sexy MMmmpph's. Executrix fetish. Cum shot.


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