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You'd never had one of your students take a swing at you. Not ever. Clearly he was dealing with issues at home or typical teenage testosterone. Whatever the reason, you didn't care. You recommended that he be expelled. But later that night his mom knocks on your door with a container of cookies. She's desperate to keep her son in school. She offers to clean your house or chaperone school events, literally anything to change your mind. She had no idea that you would ask to fuck her sweet Milf-y pussy. Her husband and son are in the car waiting, but she's a good mom, and she'll do anything for her son. She's shy at first, but she can't help but get wet at the thought of this quid pro quo. She knows they're waiting for her, but she just can't stop fucking and sucking your throbbing hard dick.
XOXO Meana Wolf

Clip contains: This shy MILF will do anything to keep her son in school, including fucking his teacher while he waits in the car with his dad. ** Infidelity. Cheating. Milf. Cuckolding. Desperate mom. Cream pie.**


1 year ago, mrquilp said:

Great great great!

1 year ago, T1mberW0lf said:

🔥MEANA you’re so BEAUTIFUL it’s out of this world🔥 PERFECTION that’s on another level🔥

1 year ago, Laylo602 said:

You just keep getting hotter

1 year ago, wolflair said:

This story is fantastic Porn Goddess! All I can say after a hard, hard nut to this story is; I WANT TO ADORE YOU MORE, VENERATE YOU MORE, REVERE YOU MORE, LOVE AND LUST AFTER YOU MORE! Stroke to you more, edge and nut to you more than ever! My cock belongs to you and I am not entirely happy unless I am virtually fucking you, fucking your ass, or you sucking me off; worshipping your Goddess body and meanawolf.com IS MY daily agenda! This story demands 46:51 minutes of continuous worship of your Goddess face, hair, voice, eyes, tiddies, ass, and pussy! Even the cleavage is cock-straining and it goes from there! There is nothing more beautiful than you cumming AND than cum dripping out of your Goddess pussy! I live for those moments! Meana, you are the most gorgeous, sexy, imaginative lady in the world; you love your “craft” and it shows in every story! When you lay back on the couch with your Goddess legs spread, my cock swelled with lust! The final few minutes are so HOT 🥵 when you showed your Goddess tiddies and pussy and let it be known that you wanted more of that alpha cock! Your transition from being a shy housewife to a willing MILF makes me leak and I want to stay that way, leaking 24/7 for my Porn Mommy! Love, lust, and devotion, David

1 year ago, BWayMarshall said:

This may be one of my all time favorite scenes because the title is also one of my favorite Sister Hazel songs.

1 year ago, SordidCleo said:

Very, very well done. I often feel guilty or ashamed after watching porn, but your videos just seem like a perfectly healthy part of a varied sex life. You are such a good actress, and use your voice to amazing effect; the exact same lines delivered by 99% of the actors in the adult entertainment industry would sound so cheesy and non-convincing that they would completely destroy the mood. You offer a genuinely erotic, libido-enhancing experience, without needing to venture into some of the extremes that less competently acted and directed porn needs to go to in order to produce the same level of effect. It seems to be something you're doing because you are good at it, are making money, and at least to some extent enjoy it; it feels really good to be able to supplement my fantasy life without feeling guilty about how one or more of the actors may feel about the work they're doing, or how they're being treated. Finally, I'd like to make a request: I hope you do another FFM Cuckquean scene. You teasing another woman about being inferior or being replaced, or just treating her as a submissive, is really hot, and again your acting talent turns what is normally cringe-worthy interactions into highly erotic fantasy fuel. It's also a niche that isn't that popular or easy to find-- many sites don't even have a category or tag for Cuckquean content. I hope you and yours are happy and healthy, and continue to be so.

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