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Friend Zone II

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She’s your best friend and she will never think about you sexually. That fact makes you so damn mad, but so damn horny. It’s as if she knows how badly you want to fuck her, but it’s all a game to her and you’re just another little toy. All she cares about is her dickhead boyfriend. She doesn’t even really care about you. She knows your cock is constantly aching for her. She’ll fully change in front of you, flaunting her body and just joke about how it means nothing to her and how she’d never do anything sexual with you. That is, unless she can use you to make her stupid boyfriend jealous. She asks to borrow your cock again…just to make him absolutely crazy. “Do you think he’d get angry if I sent him a video of us fucking?”
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Even when you’re balls deep inside of her, you’re still friend zoned. How humiliating. **Cuckolding. Cheating on the Phone. Infidelity. Friend Zoned. Creampie. **


1 year ago, Cornholio said:

Always happy to help a best friend. Especially when that best friend is the sexy Meana Wolf. Thank you for helping me out, I needed those rimjobs so badly

1 year ago, SaidSaid said:

So conniving enjoyed all the teasing twords the best friend and boyfriend.I would just have to send those photos and videos to my phone if I was the friend.

1 year ago, Whitemaleoprah said:

A video where the boyfriend gets mad or shows up to join would be awesome

1 year ago, Xanmarino said:

I wish she was my GF 😍😍 such a sexy voice and personality, I would’ve been pissed but I’d have fucked her so much better than her best friend with his cum in her just to show her who that pussy really belongs to 😏

1 year ago, Highrizer12 said:

Meana I am ready to watch you lick pussy! Hopefully soon🤞

1 year ago, Xanmarino said:

I have so much fun with this video, for me, it’s the flirty personality and seemingly cluelessness of the GF. I’d love to see meana and her BF embrace this side of themselves and take it to the next step where her BF agrees to let her do it whenever she wants because he’s grown to like it and even says she can be as dirty as she likes. Another amazing series by ours truly 😍

9 months ago, Mujaahid said:

I worship you

9 months ago, Myzaar said:

This woman has the most amazing content. I feel like such a bitch, loving these cuck videos but I can't help it. Holy shit

3 months ago, Pokeherradio said:

Damn, got me feelin some kind of way after seeing this…

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