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Jason’s mom slid into the hot tub, and all the boys went silent. Every single one of them was pitching tents. God damn she looked good for a mom, with her tits and ass spilling out of her hot pink bikini. You immediately left. You couldn’t handle it. You figured you’d run into the bathroom and jerk it quickly to shake the image of her perfect tits out of your mind. But the bathroom was occupied, no doubt another one of Jason’s friends had exactly the same idea. So you waited patiently in the living room for your turn. But then she walked in. “Do you like my new bikini? I just got it today”. Your dick lifts up your swim trunks and she giggles. “Your Jason’s best friend, I know you wanna get back to the party. Maybe I could help you with that?”
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: You have no idea what’s gotten into Mrs. Wolf. But she is ready to fuck every single one of Jason’s friends tonight, starting with you. **MILF. Older woman, younger man. Cougar. Cream Pie**


2 years ago, Ccccc said:

This is your best video meana! Plz make Impulsive III!

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