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Captured By Catwoman

Batman wakes up to find himself strapped down to his bed. Unable to move, he struggles and grunts as the substances slowly start to lose their effect. As his eyes go in and out of focus he hears the distinct sound of high heels coming down the hallway. Then she appears… “Catwoman… you bitch. Let me go”, he growls. “Now now Bruce… why don’t you just shut that handsome mouth of yours?” She dangles a pair of black lace panties in his face and shoves them in his mouth. He can smell and taste her on them as he attempts to speak. “Enough fun and games BatBoy. It’s time to finish this. I’m going to end you once and for all. But I know you’ve trained yourself to withstand anything… I know you’ve disciplined your body to take all kinds of pain. So I won’t be torturing you with pain…I’m going to brake your spirit… I’m going to take your manhood. I’m going to drive you crazy with pleasure. I’m going to edge you so long and hard that your cock you’ll think your cock is going to explode. You’ll never be able to get hard again without thinking about me. You’ll never be able to cum again without thinking about me. And whenever you try to meddle in my affairs you’ll be so fucking weak and broken that you’ll be unable to fight me. When I’m done torturing you… You’ll never be able to put on your mask and fight again. I’m going to destroy you Batman.”
Xoxo Meana Wolf (Aka Catwoman)

Clip Contains: Catwoman edges you over and over again and with every denial you become weaker and weaker in her clutches. Her latex clad fingers stroke you with expert precision…her sensitive thieving fingers know exactly how to command your dick to do her bidding. You try to resist her but her sexuality is overpowering. Your cock is rock hard in her little paws and she laughs as she brings you closer and closer. Teasing you with her pussy…her breasts… her mouth. Then she grips your cock and strokes you with all her strength. You feel your body betray you as you start to cum. She laughs as she continues to stroke your sensitive cock. And then the pain kicks in . She tortures your cock as she mercilessly strokes it again and again and again. You beg her to stop… but she is relentless and you can feel it in your bones. You are Broken. *Superheroes, Cosplay, Edging, Post Cum Torture*

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