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Planning a surprise party for your girlfriend’s birthday wasn’t easy. She was extremely high maintenance. Luckily her best friend Meana was the perfect accomplice who knew how to handle every detail. All you had to do was play it cool and get your girlfriend to the party without spoiling the surprise. But all the sneaking around and hanging out with her best friend got your mind wandering. The sexual tension between the two of you was palpable. You jerked your dick more than once thinking about her. And you couldn’t help but notice that she liked flirting with you too. It was like a game. Who would cross the line first? Then she texted you a photo of her tits with the message “Meet me in the bathroom” and you knew it was time to cross that line.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: She’s tired of your girlfriend hogging the spot light because it’s her birthday. She wants attention, and she’s going to get it. ** Cheating. Sneaky Fucking. Cum Shot**


2 years ago, wolflair said:

Meana, I’m 5 minutes into this story and let me assure you that you ALWAYS have my attention! Love and lust, David

2 years ago, mmarob007 said:

This one is off the hook!love the sneaky fucking vids 😈

2 years ago, Randointhecomments said:

The "Occupied!" really got me lol

2 years ago, sambklubin said:

Love it! The more degrading/humiliating to the wife/gf the better!

2 years ago, Hazbeen581 said:

Most def would

2 years ago, BWayMarshall said:

Technically this was amazingly done, the careful placement of the camera to keep the fantasy alive was great. Another incredible scene from you and Jack.

4 days ago, wolflair said:

Goddess Meana, Two years later and you still have my ATTENTION all the time! Love, lust, and devotion, David

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