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Accidental Cuckold

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**Custom Clip**

*Part 1* There's this cocky boy at work who says he has a huge fucking dick and he's better at sex than you, can you believe that baby? haha No way. There is NO way that he is better at sex than you. I kinda thought of a way to take him down a notch though...I think we should make a bet with him. I'll let him fuck me and if I can make him cum first then he has to pay for a vacation for you and I to go away together and tell everyone at work what a loser he is! Oh come on baby, nobody can handle my pussy! I'll make him cum so fast and then you and I can go away together for free! haha well I see you staring at my legs...how 'bout if I make you cum just by teasing you with my legs then I get to make my little bet? hahah oh that was too easy baby! I'll invite him over!

*Part 2* Okay baby! We got this in the bag. He's unzipping his pants...we are for sure gonna win! I can't wait to go away...oh wow...oh wow baby he is...really big. Oh my god his cock is fucking huge! It feels so fucking good! I think he's going to make me cum...oh I forgot to tell you. If he wins the bet then YOU are going to pay for the two of us to go away together instead. I'm going to try and hold on but...jesus...I had no idea anyone could be this good at sex!!

*Part 3* Aw come on baby. I guess you're a little upset, aren't you? I guess I accidentally turned you into my cuckold. But it's not a total loss...now I get to go on vacation and get fucked the whole time by his giant cock. hahah You're looking at my legs again. Are they going to make you come? hahah I know you love these wedges that I'm wearing...they make you totally weak...go ahead, stroke all over them, but a deal is a deal and you're still going to have to pay for our vacation. And when I get back? I want a new pair of shoe's in the closet.
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: A 3 part cuckolding/masturbation instruction clip in which you are accidentally turned into my cuckold when we lose a bet against my big dick'ed co-worker. Part 1: Leg Fetish and JOI. Part2: Cuckolding fetish. Part 3: Cuckolding and Leg Fetish with JOI.


2 years ago, Lotusleeblooms said:

Love this story and personality!!! It came out so well how it’s focused around Meana and Mr. Wolf is silent with his presence speaking for him. Would love to see a remake of this with the same level of innocence she carried.

3 weeks ago, wolflair said:

Damn! I bet myself that I could hold off nutting till you got off on that alpha cock Goddess Meana! I LOST! Your legs ARE SO GORGEOUS and you getting fucked so good sent me over the edge! So I owe you $100.00, sent to you on your OF site. I’m sorry that I can’t afford to pay for a vacation for you and Jack but my heart (and cock) is in the right place. Besides, it’s almost Valentines so consider this losing bet a gift from one of your most devoted, mindless, obedient slave/bitches. I love living in your shadow, stroking, always wanting and waiting for another gorgeous story from meanawolf.com ! The other story that cums to mind that displays your legs in the most gorgeous way is “COUPLES THERAPY!” I’ll stroke to that after sending this love letter! Love, lust, and devotion, David

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