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You finally convinced your wife to go to a brothel in Vegas. You’d always wanted a threesome with another man. She’s excited, but apprehensive. She doesn’t want to do the wrong thing or damage your relationship. But when your male steps into the room you don’t have any more doubts. You want to see him fuck her. Your cock aches as she hands him the money and begins sucking his thick veiny cock. She sees how excited you are and hands him more money and a condom. Your cock is dripping premium as he slides his cock inside of her. She moans and smiles as she looks over at you… It’s like she can read your mind. She hands him more money and demands he take the condom off. You can’t believe it… your wildest fantasy right in front of your eyes. You’ve never been so turned on in your life…. And then she hands him more money and tells him to put his cock in YOUR mouth. You can’t breathe… how did she know? Your deepest darkest secret…your most suppressed fantasy… to share a cock with your wife. xoxo Meana Wolf Clip Contains: Your sexual wife is open to trying new things so it’s easy to convince her to hire a male . She pretends like she’s shy and coy, she says “let’s just take things slow, I’ll suck his dick and nothing more” but both of you want more. More than you realized. It’s not long before both your lips are wrapped around his cock. **Cuckold. Hotwife. No condom. Bareback sex. Bisexual Encouragement. Cock Sucking. Bisexual. Coerced bi** **Please note this experimental lighting setup resulted in some focussing problems in a couple of areas. We loved it so much that we couldn't not share it with you, so the clip has been discounted $2 out of respect for our loyal customers**


1 year ago, Grease Monkey said:

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1 year ago, wolflair said:

Porn mommy, The more I watched this story the more I liked it! I always like looking, lusting after your goddess face and body! Jack’s cock being released from his pants is attention grabbing. You suck cock in a way that is

1 year ago, wolflair said:

The way you suck cock is hypnotizing, I love the “pop” from your mouth! The fucking is ALWAYS GREAT, but the seduction of inviting your husband to share that gorgeous cock took me over the top! I would love to do that with you Porn mommy! Thank you Meana and Jack, love and lust , David

10 months ago, rticul8prim8 said:

I love this kind of shared, kinky sexual experience between an intimate couple. The way you seductively and a little tentatively invite your husband to be a voyeur, then turn the tables and encourage him to explore something new and taboo while you get yourself off watching…it’s incredible. I’d love to see more of this kind of non-humiliating shared wife scenario!

10 months ago, Blowmenow10 said:

I would love for you to feed me this cock in my mouth🤞🏼

2 weeks ago, WifeLover69 said:

OMG, Meana. So fucking hot! Thanks for helping me live out a fantasy!

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