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Accidental Cuckold 2

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**A reimagining of my famous clip “Accidental Cuckold”**

Ugh do you remember that guy at work baby? You know, that guy who is always bragging about how good he is at sex, the beautiful women he’s always fucking and how easy he makes them cum. He’s so cocky! Yesterday, in front of everyone he bet me that he could make me cum faster then I could make him cum! Can you believe it! I was so embarrassed! AND, he’s so damn sure of himself. He bet a trip to Jamaica! He says that if I can make him cum before he can make me cum he’ll send us on an all expenses paid trip to Jamaica, but if he makes me cum first… well then he gets to take me. I told him to fuck off hahah but he is totally serious and everyone at work is talking about it now! What? You want me to do it!? Baby don’t be silly! I wanna go on vacation too but I’m not that desperate. You really want me to do it? Well…okay… a trip to Jamaica would be awesome! I know we’re going to win too because anyone who brags about their sex skills as much as this guy obviously doesn’t know what he’s doing. AND he’s never had me suck his dick. We are so going to win this!!!!!!
Xoxo MW

Clip Contains: You encouraged your girlfriend Meana to get into this “sex bet” with her coworker.  Maybe you just really wanted that free vacation… or maybe… you knew… that most of all… you wanted to watch a real man fuck your sexy girlfriend. Will she make him cum first? Or will her sexy coworker be fucking her all week on their tropical island getaway? 


11 months ago, mmarob007 said:

This one will always be one of your many classics! 😈🔥

10 months ago, SnuggleNugget said:

Waiting for "Accidental Cuckold 3". This is the best video on the internet.

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