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Take Your Medicine

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Uh oh… you don’t look so good. Can’t you feel your body aching? Your heart pounding? You’re all flushed… I can see it in your eyes… You’ve got that Horny Boy Fever. And there’s only one cure for the Horny boy fever… and that’s a big fat load of cum in your mouth. It has all the right vitamins and minerals to make you well again. Nothing’s going to make you feel better until you swallow that sweet sticky load of baby gravy in your mouth… you know… for medicinal purposes. You better call in sick and stay home with me naughty boy. Come get your medicine. 
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: You’ve been sick for so long now maybe you don’t even feel the symptoms anymore… but believe me, you need to take your medicine. Your body needs it. You want to feel normal again? Then do as I say and start stroking your cock. Squeeze all that precum out of your dick and lick your fingertips. Now edge yourself over and over again so we can get the medicine you need **Cum eating Instruction, Masturbation Instruction, Precum Eating, Cum eating encouragement**


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