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Stranger Pussy

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She’s dangerously sexy. The kind of woman who could make men do terrible things with just one bat of an eyelash. You can’t stop thinking about all the ways you’d like to fuck her… if only you weren’t married. All day long at work your cock aches for her… then you feel sick with shame at the thought of your poor wife. She wants you… and she’s going to have you… you try to resist, but she’s put some liquid persuasion in your swill and you find yourself incapable of refusing her. Yes… blame the beverage. You never would have done what you did if it weren’t for that. 
The next morning you wakeup sober, ashamed and guilty. But she doesn’t give a fuck about your guilt or your shame. She wants more cock. She doesn’t feel bad for your boring little wife. She laughs at her. And she laughs at you. With your hard cock deep inside of her she knows that truth… that you don’t feel bad either. You just want to fuck this incredible, superior, woman again and again and again. 
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Meana wants your cock. She doesn’t care if your married. In fact, that makes it so much more fun for her. She didn’t need to, but she’s slipped something into your beverage…just to make things a little easier for you. You know you want her… the next morning she fucks you again just so you can go home to your boring little wife with her pussy juices all over your dick. **Virtual Sex. Home Wrecking Fantasy. Cheating. Temptation.**


1 year ago, wolflair said:

Porn mommy, you own my "married man fucken dick," completely! Your gorgeous, goddess face and body, the teasing and taunting, making comparisons, there is no better virtual story! I love visiting you daily with one or more of your stories, this "STRANGER PUSSY" is no different! YOU take such good care of my cock! Thank you, Meana Love and lust, David

5 months ago, eggers_327 said:

This is definitely one of you best videos, I feel like it could use an updated version though. I love the thought of you drugging me to take advantage of me (even though I secretly want you too). So smoking hot!

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