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My Sisters A Nympho

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 Dude we need to talk. Mom, dad and I have wanted to tell you about this for a while… I have a medical condition. I suffer from extreme Nymphomania. Don’t laugh it’s not funny! I get these spells and if I don’t get fucked I get crazy. Daddy’s been fucking me every day so that I can go to school and be a normal girl… but he’s not going to be home for a while so I need you to do it bro. No I can’t use a dildo it doesn’t work… I need dick. I need to feel cum inside me. Mom says she wants you to start helping out too because dad is usually too tired to fuck her after he fucks me. Daddy felt bad at first too… but now he likes it. Don’t be a dick bro… just gimme that dick. 
Xoxo Meana Wolf

 Clip Contains: A virtual sexual experience with your Sister the Nympho. Daddy’s not home to give her the fucking she needs… so it’s time for you to step up. Can you fuck your sister better than your dad? **Virtual Handjob. Virtual Blowjob. Virtual Fucking. Taboo. Brother/Sister Fantasy. Dirty Talk**


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