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Scent Of A Young Man

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You’re turning into a young man. Your body is changing…testosterone must be doing it’s job because everyday you’re getting bigger…everywhere. Each morning you wake up with a giant hard on and cold wet cum stuck to your leg. Your mom is starting to act different around you too. She squeezes your arms and shoulders frequently noticing how big and strong you’re getting. And today she started noticing that you smell different. She drew you in to smell your neck… you felt her breathing change as she inhaled deeply. She couldn’t help herself… she drew you in even closer. Your young masculine body pressed against her as she started to touch herself… your dick grew instantly hard and she felt you press your hard dick into her. She squeezed your cock in her hands as she continued to touch her pussy underneath her panties. The both of you, breathing heavily as she stroked your cock… you both knew that you shouldn’t… but you couldn’t fight it… you wanted to be inside of her. But before it could go any further she stopped. You wanted her to keep going… but she was so flustered and apologetic.. like It was wrong. But she promised that you two would talk about it later.
That night after your dad went to bed she came into your room. Her satin robe felt so soft sliding against your skin as she climbed into bed with you. “Sweetie I want you to know that it wasn’t your fault. It’s completely natural for things to happen like what happened in the kitchen this morning. As long as we talk about it, and promise not to do that again, everything will be okay”. But her see-through lingerie was beckoning to you… and the scent of your youthful masculinity was driving her crazy… The two of you made no such promise that night...
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: A VIRTUAL Taboo Sexual experience between a mom and her son. Your pheromones are awakening her sexuality, and she can’t control her desire for you. She tries to stop herself…she tries to be a responsible mother… but your young cock wants to feel your mothers pussy… and your mother want’s to feel her son’s hard cock. You were made to fuck each other. **This is a Virtual sexual experience with no Male performer. Its just you and me**


1 year ago, wolflair said:

Porn Mommy, in your classic story “INSIDE MOMMY,” you tell your son at 12:45 that you and him should just do what is “natural,” for them! Mommy, I am your “good boy,” and I daily do what is natural for me, to lust, love, stroke, edge, and nut to one or more of your stories! From 7:50 in this story, when you start to play with your pussy, I am stroking my cock loving on my Porn Mommy! My desire to be your “good boy,” consumes me 24/7! No matter what story I am enjoying and stroking to, I AM YOUR PERSONAL PROPERTY, dedicated to pleasing you any way I can including giving you my cock and cum daily! You tell me that you like my big cock, Mommy it is yours to do with as you please! I live to watch and stroke to ALL your stories and this virtual story is no exception, I love it when you offer to stroke my cock! You have second thoughts but later that night you visit me and we start to live out that “natural” life together that we both want and desire! Meana, I think that you are gorgeous and I am proud that I AM YOUR “GOOD BOY!” Always ready to serve you any way I can as your mindless, servant/bitch! All I want is for my Porn Mommy to help me daily with my cock that leaks for you ALL THE FUCKEN TIME! You offer to service my cock and my cock swells with love and lust for you! This gorgeous story speaks to how I want to live my life, you have owned my cock these last 5-6 years and I want to continuously worship you and virtually fuck my Porn Mommy into the future!

1 year ago, wolflair said:

P.S. I wake up at all times of the night bc my cock wishes to worship you my Porn Goddess! Nutting to you only strengthens my connection to you and I immediately start to stroke my cock bc I know that is what my Mommy wants! Adoring and worshiping you gives me meaning and purpose, to be your “good boy,” IS HOW I WISH TO LIVE MY LIFE! No matter the story I am your pet and like your pic on OF today demands, I worship you continuously with my mind, cock, and cum! Meanawolf.com is my home, my sanctuary, I feel safe being there 24/7! I sacrifice myself to my Porn Mommy there and she gives me contentment, satisfaction, bliss, and fills my heart with love for her! To watch you virtually kiss and fuck your “good boy,” even after I nutted to you makes me leak for you and that makes me very happy! I want nothing more than to make you “feel good,” and at 25:15 you share your goddess breasts with me and my cock swells with lust and love for you. You turn around and I get to worship your goddess ass as we fuck, nothing could be more beautiful. You turn around again and offer me your Goddess pussy, begging to be fucked, I live for these moments in your stories. I am able now to adore and worship your Goddess pussy and ass more and at 32:10 you assure me that I was meant to be inside you mommy. You beg for your son’s cum and we cum together, another moment I live for! Thank you Meana, love, lust, and devotion, David

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