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Quite The Catch

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Everything was going amazing. You’d cooked her favourite dinner, picked up her favourite desert from the bakery, you even cleaned the whole house and did the laundry. This was going to be the best anniversary ever. But when she called to tell you she’d be working late, you could hear it in her voice… she didn’t really care at all. She never appreciated the love you put into doing things for her. But you understood. Her career came first. But why let all this food go to waste? Why not knock on your very hot and single neighbours door and see if she already has plans for dinner? Your girlfriend probably wouldn’t even mind because she knows how loyal you are, and how much you love her. No sense in eating alone, right?
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your sexy neighbour next door knows a good man when she sees one. She would never let a man like you go under appreciated, and she’s going to show you exactly how much she sees what a catch you are **Homewrecker. Cheating. Kitchen Fuck Cumshot**


1 year ago, bigdruuski said:

This one fits me to a tee...feeling unappreciated and taken for granted. Amazing Job!! Very stimulating video!

1 month ago, indyguy003 said:

This video is proof you could ruin any marriage you set out to ruin. No one could resist you forever.

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