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Hi sweetie. Can you help step-mommy clean the cupboards? Well...because we have to move baby. Well your step dad is moving out...and I can't afford a 2 bedroom anymore. We're going to have to share a 1 bedroom from now on. Oh baby, it's not your fault. Your step dad was a dick...I know you didn't like him. He wasn't good enough for us baby. You know you're really the only man I can count on in my life...we have a special connection. Oh my...sweetie...you have to...um tuck in your boner. You can't just walk around with your boner hanging out silly heheh. Are you feeling something down there...for step-mommy? You can take care of me is that it? heheh We can take care of each other baby. All you're the only man I need...and you'll never leave step-mommy will you?
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Step-Mom is cleaning the cupboards. Her ass jiggles underneath her short summer dress. You can't help but get hard watching her scrub the shelves. Step-Mommy is so lonely...she says you're the only man she needs. She see's your cock hard in your pajamas...it feels so right when she touches your hard cock. You wan't to take care of her. She takes out your cock and slides it into her mouth. "You'll never leave me will you baby?"


1 year ago, wolflair said:

Porn Mommy, I want to be your perfect son so I spend 24/7 asking myself how I can be better! I could never ever leave you bc YOU are my perfect mommy! Meanawolf.com provides everything I need to be contented and satisfied day after day! Worshipping you fills me with love, lust, devotion, why would you ever think that I would consider leaving you? Stories like this one makes me NUT SO HARD MOMMY! Every few hours I spend time adorning you; your ass at the start of this story is exquisite and I long to kiss and lick 👅, worshiping your pussy and ass. I do have a special connection with you Porn Mommy and I do NOT WANT to lose it! Thank you Meana! Love, lust, and devotion, David

1 year ago, wolflair said:

EVERY BONER I get is for YOU PORN MOMMY, every one! Even your VOICE triggers me to start stroking to/for you! Today is another day to stay home and "fuck your face," as you so generously offered in this steamy story. I love ALL your stories Porn Mommy but you know that mommy/son stories are some of my favorites. The way you offer yourself to your son strains my cock and a cum offering follows! Worshipping you continuously is my goal, to make you ALWAYS aware of my love and lust for YOU MEANA is my one and only desire! Thank you for the bliss, euphoria, contentment, and blessings that you, Jack, and meanawolf.com bring (or should it be brings?) into my life. I will continue to worship you today bc it feels so right AND you have so many stories that I love! Love, lust, and devotion, David

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