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Marry Her

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She was the last person you wanted to see on your wedding day, but she was your fiancé’s maid of honour so there was just no getting out of it. You tried to forget about how badly you wanted to fuck her in high school, but the truth was, you still wanted to fuck her, even today on the most important day of your life, you wanted to fuck her more than anything. You loved your soon to be wife, but something about Meana always drove you insane. And now here she was, on your wedding day, offering you the thing you’d always wanted; her pussy. Evil bitch. Why today? She could have fucked you in high school, she could have done it in college when you confessed how much you loved her… why today on your wedding day? Well, just to see if she could of course. It’s all just a fucked up game to her. “She’s my best friend, I want her to be happy. Today’s her special day and she’ll think that she won you. But you’re mine, you’ve always been mine.”
XOXO Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: What’s worse… never fucking the girl of your dreams? Or having the memory of her tight little pussy haunt you forever? **Home Wrecker. Cheating. Infidelity. Cum Shot.**


7 months ago, T1mberW0lf said:

🔥MEANA - GODDESS you’re so EXQUISITELY HOT🔥so EXQUISITELY PERFECT nothing in this existence can come close or even nick the surface🔥

7 months ago, Cornholio said:

Thank you for your wedding gift from 41:44 to 42:06 😍

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