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Her Best Friend

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It’s time. Your girlfriend has been ice cold with you for months. She wants a ring and you know it. But you just aren’t ready to commit. The idea of never having sex with another woman is leaving you colder than your girlfriend’s temper tantrums. When her friend Meana makes a pass at you, you can’t help but feel guilty at first. Your girlfriend is in the next room and her best friend has her hand on your cock. She says “Sometimes cheating on your girlfriend is the best way to make you realize that you were meant to be together and it’s time to settle down.” You barely resist her advances as she fucks you senseless.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your girlfriend’s best friend Meana is the type of girl who loves to fuck her friends boyfriends for sport. She just likes it. She likes to take other people’s toys. And you can’t resist her dirty little mouth. **Cheating. Cuck queen. Homewrecker. Cum on Face.**


11 months ago, wolflair said:

Porn Goddess, I love, love, love cheating on my girlfriend with you! So you are seducing your best friend’s boyfriend (does the reason matter?) and I am cheating on my girlfriend! Oh yes! Stroking off to you is “cheating” as far as she is concerned! I can’t stop myself from stroking to you daily (or more) then you can stop wanting fresh “dick” all the time (3:55-4:10), you want “variety!” All I want is the extreme pleasure of virtually fucking YOU DAILY, with ALL the variety of stories you offer. Maybe I should tell her that you already own my cock and cum, what do you think? I have no desire to look for fresh pussy when I am enjoying you as often as I do. Why do I have a girlfriend at all? Simple, appearances! And will she watch your delicious stories with me? Not on your life bc more than once I have called her “MEANA,” with my cock deep in her pussy! I’m glad it was her pussy and not her mouth! Why does she stay with me? She loves all the other perks I offer her. I think that you are being “a really good friend “ but to whom? I would never turn down the chance to fuck you, virtually or otherwise. I am your brainless, mindless love slave/bitch with one purpose in life, to serve my Goddess Meana daily with cock and cum that is in fact, your property! I live daily in your shadow, worshiping you as best as I can! My commitment to the pleasure that you provide at meanawolf.com is total and absolute, EVERY STORY! You start sucking that alpha cock at (7:30) and I forget that my girlfriend is asleep in the next room, you are my whole world Porn Goddess! NO ONE sucks cock better than you, your eyes tell volumes, how much you like it! At 10:00 you uncover your perfect Goddess tiddies and my cock stiffens! Then the teasing starts for real! I am nothing but a “toy” to you (11:50)but that is ALL I WANT TO BE and nothing else! A complete devotee to meanawolf.com and Goddess Meana! Just like you said you can’t help yourself, I can’t help myself, nor do I want to! MEANAWOLF.COM IS MY CHOSEN REALITY! I love how you suck cock, I love how you fuck, I love your Goddess face, eyes, hair, voice, tiddies, ass, and pussy! You are so gorgeous when that alpha cock goes in your Goddess pussy (15:45); my life is centered around these moments, I live for them! All I want to do is daily watch my Porn Goddess and adore and worship her! I love it when you “fuck my brains out!” (19:15). The teasing continues! TBC

11 months ago, wolflair said:

Porn Goddess, I am your personal TOY (11:50); every fucken day we play together at meanawolf.com and I love, love, love being your play thing! You can use me any way you want and I will follow you blindly; loving, lusting, stroking, edging, and nutting, cum offering after cum offering, your stories are endless! I live to virtually tiddie fuck you, your Goddess pussy, virtually kiss, lick 👅, and sometimes fuck your gorgeous ass! Any and ALL your stories is our playground My greatest desire is to get to know you better through your content and MAYBE, meet you and Jack at a trade show in Las Vegas! A real dream cum true! Your shorts cum off; it’s so beautiful watching you fuck that alpha cock, I worship your ass continuously, your gorgeous body is written all over my smart phone! As you fuck that gorgeous cock, my cock could not be harder or happier! I love cheating with you and letting you “bounce on my dick” (17:50) Goddess Meana! You spread your ass cheeks and I momentarily stop this gorgeous story and virtually kiss and lick 👅 your ass, tongue-fucking your asshole! Jack plays your ass, he knows what to do; the story continues. I am laying down now, looking up and adoring the most beautiful, sexy, intelligent, imaginative lady in the world! Now you know why I do this daily, or more frequently than that! YOUR PUSSY IS WORTH ANY SACRIFICE TO BE PAID! You continue fucking that alpha cock and I erupt in a hard, hard orgasm! Nothing can be better than giving you another cum offering! Love, lust, and devotion, David P.S. TBC maybe, unless Porn Goddess takes me in another direction and story!

9 months ago, indyguy003 said:

This is the first video clip I ever saw of yours. It was such a HUGE turn on that I immediately started enjoying a lot of your content. You are incredible!

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