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Her Best Friend

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It’s time. Your girlfriend has been ice cold with you for months. She wants a ring and you know it. But you just aren’t ready to commit. The idea of never having sex with another woman is leaving you colder than your girlfriend’s temper tantrums. When her friend Meana makes a pass at you, you can’t help but feel guilty at first. Your girlfriend is in the next room and her best friend has her hand on your cock. She says “Sometimes cheating on your girlfriend is the best way to make you realize that you were meant to be together and it’s time to settle down.” You barely resist her advances as she fucks you senseless.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your girlfriend’s best friend Meana is the type of girl who loves to fuck her friends boyfriends for sport. She just likes it. She likes to take other people’s toys. And you can’t resist her dirty little mouth. **Cheating. Cuck queen. Homewrecker. Cum on Face.**


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