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Dirty Laundry

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It’s the last summer before college and you’ve been sick with mono for weeks. Your girlfriend dumped you and the whole thing set off a deep depression. Your mom tells you that she’s noticed your terrible mood. She wants you to feel better. She also says she’s noticed your socks have been clean since you got sick…meaning she knows you’re not jerking off. You panic. You’re  embarrassed, but she insists that it’s perfectly natural for a man your age to jerk off and that you should do It frequently and that she often checks your socks to make sure you’re taking care of your body. Then she slides her hand under the covers… “Lean back sweetie… it’s okay. I know you haven’t felt up to it… Let mommy do it. It’ll make you feel better” and she strokes your cock under the covers. 
All night you can’t help but think of your hot mom…wishing she’d come back and stroke your dick some more. You’d never thought about her sexually before, but now sliding your cock inside her warm pussy is all you can think about.
The next day she asks you if you’re feeling better. You are. She asks if you want to make her feel good too. You do. She then tells you her dirty secret…. That she loves finding your fresh sticky cum filled socks and when she does she loves tasting your cum. 
Xoxo Meana Wolf 

Clip Contains:  You’re completely blindsided by her advances… but you can’t help but want her after she jerks you off under the covers. The next day she comes back for more. Your mom misses your dirty cum filled socks. She loves sticking her tongue in them when their still fresh. Since you’ve been sick, you haven’t been jerking off and she wants to taste your cum again. **Fantasy Taboo with Mom and Son. Under the covers Hand job. Mom’s creamy pussy. Mommy’s makes you feel better. Mommy swallows your cum**


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