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Cheating Mommy

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I know you saw me with that man today. Are you going to tell your father? I know you’re upset. I didn’t think you would see me. I want to be a good mother, but your father and I don’t love each other anymore. I would never leave you… you’re everything to me. I know you are confused… I’m trying so hard to stop how I feel. Are you jealous? He reminded me of you… that’s why I did it. I want you so badly… I’m trying to be a good mother… I want things that I shouldn’t want… And I know you do too. 

Clip Contains: You saw your mother with another man and it sent you into a jealous rage. You gave her the silent treatment… but you can’t stay mad at her when she comes to your bedroom in the middle of the night. The two of you have been trying to hold back for so long… will you keep her secret and create a new one together? **MILF. Mommy. Family Taboo Role Play. Creampie**


11 months ago, wolflair said:

YES Porn mommy, You asked; I will love you tonight, I will love you every day and night. I never run from you or fight my feelings for my mommy! I love kissing you, your voice is my aphrodisiac! I gave you a “cum tribute” earlier today with one of my favorite stories, “DAUGHTERS DELIGHT;” now I’m giving you another one bc the way you talk to me in this story is cock-straining! I am and will be your eternal bitch, Meana! Love, lust, and devotion, David

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