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Damn. Billy’s mom was hot. If you’d known that, maybe you wouldn’t have spent the whole year bullying him. She was there to yell at you, and you deserved it. You’d made his life pretty miserable at school, ruffing him up, taking his lunch money. Man, that boy was a dork. You try to get out of it by giving her the sad, misunderstood bully routine. But she’s not buying it. She know’s you’re not as innocent as you seem, and neither is she… She’s the type of mom that would do anything for her son. Looks like you’re about to have a new Best Friend.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: She knows exactly what kind of boy you are. And there’s only one way to motivate a bully. You’re going to be extra nice to Billy from now on. **MILF. Bully. Older Woman, Younger Man. Cumshot.**


1 year ago, Carlo said:

Where is part 2

1 year ago, aidenharmen said:

Just stunning atmosphere, fantastic

5 months ago, Dybala10 said:

Please Part 2 ❤️

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