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Another Scandal II

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You couldn’t stop thinking about the MILF next door. For the last couple of weeks, you’d watched every night as she undressed in her bedroom. You’d watched her sunbathing by the pool, and relaxing in her hot tub…And every night, with aching cock in hand, you jerked it to the memory of her voice in your ear. She was fully aware of your growing obsession of course, you saw her glancing over in your direction and flash a little smile as you peered at her through the fence between your yards. She was definitely flirting with you too.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: The MILF next door is sending you all the signals…she just needs to know she can trust you to be a good boy. **MILFS. Blowjob. Handjob. Cumshot**


8 months ago, mmarob007 said:

Great performance! I believe we're going to need a trilogy for this one. 🔥🔥🔥

8 months ago, Carlo said:


8 months ago, wolflair said:

What a tease! I listened/watched this story as I drove home from work hoping, wishing, begging that you would give this poor 18 year-old what we all want! But we all happily take what you give us Porn mommy! Then the mental image of you undressing in your bedroom! Please, please give this young man what I crave! Thank you for all your stories, you’re unbelievable! David

7 months ago, DamienNightwing said:

I love the MILF fantasy so much. The seduction, the temptation. You do it so very well. The words in scenes like these help sell the scene and you MEANA are amazing with that and everything else. You are 1 of the hottest most sexually triggering Adult Performers ever!

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