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On Hiatus (more info)


Hello Everyone,

I wanted to tell you all that your continued support for the site has meant the world to me. I feel like my most recent movies have been some of my favourite, and the response from you all has been overwhelmingly positive. I can’t believe that I still have so many dedicated fans after all these years.

As much as we want to continue with this new momentum, Jack and I are struggling to meet the demands of the site. My mother sadly passed away in September, and we have continued to work full time since then, ignoring our grief and exhaustion. For the past 3 years Jack and I have been working while caring for my mom, and I thought that things would get easier when she passed, but the truth is, it’s only been harder without her here. My sorrow is overwhelming, and so too is the pressure for Jack and I to perform.

Our personal relationship as a couple, our personal development as people, our family, friends, and health have all taken a back seat to the needs of our business and it’s time for a break. You all have no idea how hard it is for us to say that. Making these movies is a huge source of pride for us and they are our livelihood. We’re hoping that taking a hiatus will allow us time to grieve, rest, grow, and come back stronger than before. There are so many things we want to do together on film that we are certain this will just be a break. I’m excited to have some time to develop other aspects of the business that have been neglected to meet the high demands of producing content. And I’m excited to have some time just for us, so we can experience our love for each other outside of being Jack and Meana. .

Our last update will be March 4th. While we are on hiatus, I will be featuring some old favourites on the home page as we have so many incredible movies that newer fans have never seen. We will also automatically be reducing membership fees for all to $29.99 so you can continue to access all my 360+ movies at a reduced price. We hope you will continue to love all the many characters I’ve created for you and the new ones to come.

We can’t wait to make movies again. See you all soon...

XOXO Meana and Jack