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Our Little Secret

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Your girlfriends mom Meana is hot as hell. She’s always making passes at you. You’d hoped her daughter would be similarly inclined but after 2 years of desperately begging to get to third base, she’d denied you over and over again. You’ve always been allowed to let yourself in at the house, and this afternoon you did so only to find Meana in the shower… You couldn’t help but stare at her petite yet mature body. Her wet hair flowing down her back. After an awkward moment, she invites you into her bedroom. She knows all about your little fight with her daughter. She’s on your side, however she doesn’t want her daughter having sex and making the same mistakes she made. So she proposes that you continue to make her daughter happy, and she handle all your… other needs…
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your girlfriends smoking hot MILF suggests you fuck her instead of her daughter… you’e more than happy to oblige. **MILF. VOYEUR. SPY. SHOWER. OLDER WOMAN. MOM. CREAM PIE**


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