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You’d had your fair share of parole officers, but none of them were like her. You figured it would be a walk in the park, she’s just a girl after all. But soon you start to realize that she’s far more sadistic than any PO you’ve had in the past. She has an insatiable appetite for dick, and she especially likes bad boys like you. She likes to tell bad boys what to do, where to go, and if she want’s your cock you better be ready to give it to her exactly when and how she wants it. You can’t even jerk off without her permission. If you fail to comply? She’ll have you thrown back in prison. She’s got you on a short leash and she knows what it takes to rehabilitate naughty boys like you. Now give her what she wants, and remember, she owns you.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Going back to prison is the last thing you want, so you better do whatever your parole officer demands. Including giving her that naughty boy dick whenever she wants. **Bareback sex. Power Dynamics. Powerful Woman. Cream Pie**


1 year ago, Highrizer12 said:

First!! You are amazing so glad you are back on regular schedule thank god!

1 year ago, tony_kukoc said:

I saw you reply to this concept on a Reddit post it’s so dope to see you make this idea your own and bring it to life. I bet the guy that made that post is gonna cum to this every single day lol

1 year ago, BonertownUSA said:

I'd love to see you play more powerful women like this!!

1 year ago, 2pac1996 said:


1 year ago, Rukaapje said:

The pussy queefs are hot as fuck! Please give us more of these heavenly little farts 😍

1 year ago, Kokdiang said:


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