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You're more than just a protective step-father...your little girl is the light of your life and you would do anything for her. You work hard to support the two of you...sometimes you work double shifts and you can't be home as much as you'd like. Lately you've begun to worry about this new older boy that your step-daughter has been seeing. You've warned her about how boys can be...she's so young and beautiful...she's so naive. You worry about the day when she starts having sex...you can't help but picture your step-daughter sucking cock and getting fucked by older boys. You worry about her becoming a slut. The thought of your step-daughter not being a virgin makes you sick. But you can't be around all the time to watch her. You've forbade her to have any boys over when you're not in the house. She's such a good girl though...you can trust her. The way she talks to you...the way she says "Step-Daddy"...she's still so young. She's the sweetest little girl you've ever known. You know for sure she is still a virgin...but sometimes you fear that might not be true. Tonight she's asked if her new Boyfriend can come over and watch a movie with the two of you. You agree...after all...what can they do if you're there to watch them? But you've just gotten back from a double shift...and despite your eagle eye on your beautiful step-daughter, your eyes begin to close. You fight to keep them open but you drift off a little...and then you hear it...in the dim light they can't see that you've opened your eyes just enough to see your step-daughter stroking her new bf's cock under the blanket. You can't believe it...your own step-daughter...brazenly fondling a thick hard cock right in front of her own step-father. They see you've awakened...they think you didn't see anything. But you're beginning to see the truth. You pretend to fall resting again and you listen to your step-daughter's filthy mouth asking for her boyfriend to finger her naked pussy. The filthy little whore goes so far as to get on her knees and suck her boyfriends cock. Right in front of her "napping" step-father. How could she do this to you? She is a dirty little slut just like you've always feared! She keeps looking over at you to make sure you're still resting. But you can't bring yourself to stop them. You just sit there...pretending to rest. Helpless to do anything but watch as the step-daughter who you thought was so good and pure, gets up on her boyfriends thick hard cock and slides it right inside of her. You're furious...heartbroken...betrayed...and so fucking turned on. You shamefully watch them fuck as your own cock begins to stiffen and leak precum. You were worried about older boys? Your sex crazed slut of a step-daughter is fucking a boy right in front of your eyes and you're watching them...You've got way bigger problems than older boys.
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: A Voyeuristic taboo fantasy in which your step-daughter plays you for a fool. She swears up and down that she is a good virgin...hasn't even kissed her new boyfriend. But as soon as you drift off you see the truth. Your step-daughter is a cock hungry little slut who loves to get fucked. She sucks and fucks her new boyfriend right in front of you while you pretend to rest. In the flickering light of the tv you watch the whole thing and it makes you so fucking hard and horny that you're going to need therapy to stop thinking about your step-daughter and her slutty ways.


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