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Halloween MILF

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You were late arriving to your friend Billy’s Halloween Party, and it was hard to ignore his stepmom walking around in that Wonder Woman Costume. “Everyone’s downstairs” she lamented as she started removing decorations. You see, Billy’s stepmom had forgotten that her son and his friends weren’t really interested in candy and costumes at this age. “I’m so stupid, and I accidentally ordered this costume and my ass is hanging out! See!?” Oh you could definitely see. Her big juicy ass was hard to ignore at the best of times but right now it looked absolutely insane and you felt your boner swell in your jeans just looking at her. You knew she needed a confidence boost. Older women are so self conscious… they don’t realize how badly young men want to fuck them. It must be that your boner was draining all the sense out of your brain, because you blurted out how insanely hot she looked. Then she smiled. Holy fuck… was Billy’s stepmom flirting with you? Halloween might just be your new favourite holiday.
XOXO Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Billy would be so so mad. But deep down, you knew he’d respect it on some level… I mean his stepmom is insanely hot. Any one of your friends would fuck this Wonder Woman MILF ** Milf. Cougar. Older Woman, Younger Man. Halloween. Cosplay. Wonder Woman. Facial**


7 months ago, Dybala10 said:

Wonderful, Please More Milf Content Like This.

7 months ago, Cornholio said:

Holy crap! How’d you know I love eating ass as much as getting mine eaten. Maybe next time Billy’s mom can return the favor to me and the rest of out friends!

7 months ago, T1mberW0lf said:

🔥MEANA you’re a GOD🔥 so EXQUISITELY HOT it’s out of this world🔥 so EXQUISITELY PERFECT it’s on another level🔥I WORSHIP you🔥

7 months ago, Vekxxx12 said:

Wow another amazing video you are by far the best at what you do and your soooo hot and incredibly beautiful

7 months ago, Lgphone said:

Definitely my favorite Halloween video that you've made so far. The diy cock ring that you did at the end was perfect

7 months ago, 2pac1996 said:

Every October we need a Halloween milf!! Please thanks

7 months ago, wolflair said:

Wonder Woman Meana, Another 💎 of a story, you an Jack have a formula that never fails! Your arrow of love and lust pierced my heart long ago and I dare not take it out or I would certainly die a most painful death! Love, lust, and devotion, David

7 months ago, mrquilp said:

This is just phenomenal!!!!!

7 months ago, Lustuniverse said:

w video.... THAT DIY 😳RING WAS 🥵

7 months ago, SquirtyTheRecon said:

A wonder woman hairjob video would be so hot

6 months ago, SaidSaid said:

Good God Almighty! You guys get sexier and sexier.Wow! Forever my Wonder. Woman

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