My first blog post. I'm apprehensive. What to say? As an adult actor I display myself in rather graphic ways for the enjoyment of others, yet I am an inherently shy person. A demure nymphet with a paradoxical desire to be seen and wanted. I tell stories to arouse and stimulate you. I tell stories to connect with you on an incredibly intimate level. Sometimes its purely entertainment. Sometimes its nothing more than a momentary escape. But sometimes...I know my stories stir you in a deep and profound way that is so much more than jerking off to me. 

I like affecting you that way...taking you on a ride...taking you someplace unknown...unexpected. I enjoy knowing that you're there, watching me. I enjoy my influence on your mind and your body and I am aroused by the thought of you getting off on my mind and my body. I love knowing that the sight of me makes your pussy moisten and slowly unfold. I love knowing that my words make your cock stiffen, the tip of your dick glisten with precum. I love exploring my sexuality with you.

My erotica is my self expression. It liberates me from social expectations and it offers me a unique opportunity to connect with others. It allows me to live out my fantasies and as such it is anything but straight forward. To me my clips are more than simple acts of domination. They are complex stories of characters with real sexual motivations and real desires. Exposing those desires and motives is where the fantasy comes to life. It would be too simple to label my erotica "Femdom", and too inaccurate to call myself a "Dominatrix". I'm not sure if I truly identify with either of those labels. I see myself as a sexual creature with a vivid imagination who enjoys being in control. The act of domination without motivation is not exciting to me...the act of finding out exactly what makes you tick is. Exposing a weakness or slowly taking control through use of my sexual prowess is what I enjoy most. 

As my work has gained some popularity over the last year, I've been getting emails from fans who want to know more about me. This blog is an opportunity to further engage with those that want to peer deeper into my perverse and deviant mind. I'll also answer some of the more frequently asked questions that I get. As a token of appreciation for those that support my work, I will be as honest and open as I can be in telling my story. 

Thank you for watching and reading!


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10/10/2015 9:09am

Perfect introduction Mistress Meana, and I cannot wait to read more from that beautiful and kinky mind of yours ;)

Saud Qureshi
12/03/2015 12:35pm

So hot, I never saw a porn clip, where a woman cums at the sight of a dying man. Just saw Money Bag & Hang Man, did u really rub yourself to an orgasm? Please make more clips like that :)


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