I often get asked about my sexual preferences and kinks. So I thought it would be fun to talk about some of the different things that excite me. I have to say that while I've always been a very sensual and sexual person, I have developed a progressively dirtier mind since I began making fetish clips. In the last year alone I've realized I have quite a few sexual interests that I think were a little buried in my subconscious mind. Perhaps part of me was just not ready to go "there". But they are coming to the surface now, and I'm in a place where I can really embrace and enjoy them. It's a little ironic...I work in an industry that seems to value youth and newness above all things...and yet everyday I'm getting older, but also as a result I'm feeling sexier, more confident, more perverted, more depraved, more open, more sexual and more deviant. 

So, speaking of being a depraved pervert...lets talk about me and a couple of the kinky fetishes that turn me on. Though please note, this is in no way a complete list. (In writing this I realized that there is so much to talk about in one post.  I may do another post in the future talking about some of the other fetishes I enjoy, and  I may do full blog posts about these specific topics in the future.)

Incest and AgePlay (Taboo)
This is something that has sort of surfaced in the last year. I am extremely excited by incest themes. My strongest urges laying in F/D and B/S fantasies. The idea of a sexual act that the rest of society prohibits is very exciting to me and I love inappropriate sexual encounters mixed with power exchange. Those that enjoy my "older woman/younger man" clips and my "mommy" role play will know what I'm talking about. Coercing or manipulating my sexual partner makes it all the better. Seducing daddy, or manipulating my son into doing what I want. 

The idea of taking subs (submissives) into trance is a very big turn on for me. In my online Cam sessions I've had the pleasure of inducing men, and watching their eyes glaze over as they stroke their cocks for me is an incredible thrill. I always get off on the thought of men being completely powerless to resist me. This is made even more exciting with the addition of financial domination, but even without it, something about watching men (and women) fall into trance is very erotic to me. I love that feeling of control.

Financial Domination
I love money. Money money money...money. When mixed with sex, money becomes incredibly erotic to me. The more money you give me...the more turned on I get. This fetish for me is deeply rooted in power exchange and control. You drooling with your cock in one hand and your credit card in the other makes me so fucking wet it's crazy. In many ways I do believe that this is a Man's world, and so a man giving up his money (and let's all remember that $$ almost always equals power in the real world) is the ultimate power exchange. I'm not putting down other forms of submission when I say this. It's just that in my own interpretation of the universe, people will part with their self respect and dignity long before they part with any significant amount of money. (Unless they have excessive amounts of money. (If this is you, you can visit my Tribute Page). When mixed with a bit of mesmerizing and hypnosis, this becomes really intensely sexual for me.

Goddess Worship/Otherworldly Control Over Men's Sexual Desires (Or something)
I love the idea of being worshipped as a sexual deity. An image that comes to mind for me is being surrounded by men who are powerless to stop jerking their dicks because my presence turns them on so much. They mindlessly fall to their knees and jerk their cocks for me because everything about me is so incredibly sexual. They are unable to stop themselves. Their cocks grow hard as they gaze at my body and my sexuality. I feed on their sexual energy. 
This idea of absorbing lust and sexual desire is so intrinsically woven in my personality that I have always been drawn to the sex industry. And I do believe that it is why I do what I do now, and why this profession is so fulfilling for me.

Okay that's enough for tonight...

I want to stress that there are so many things that get me excited... But this post is getting a bit long. More to come in the future. 

I'd love to read your comments, and I'll probably expand on some of these ideas in the future, so feel free to ask questions as well!

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