**Top 50 Hottest Clips on C4S!** 
It was time to stop her. She’d been committing burglary against the wealthy citizens of Gotham for far too long. Though you were hell bent on putting her away, you had a soft spot for her that challenged your strength… In all of your exchanges with her she’d managed to escape. Perhaps your weakness for her was keeping you from giving her the rough treatment she deserved. Nevertheless, once you found...
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**This clip is to be played 20mins before you Have to Leave for work**
*This Clip is a Self Sabotage Clip*

Aw poor thing. You have to go to work? Well this will make your work day so much more fun! I promise you'll make it on time! So first things first. I want you to go fix yourself a nice stiff drink. haha Come on! It will be fine! You'll just get a tiny bit buzzed. haha Were going to play a fun little drinking game! ...
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