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**Public JOI Task #1** 
**Risk Level: Moderate** 
**You will need access to a vehicle**
**You will need to upload this clip to a mobile device**

This is the first in my series of Public JOI tasks. These clips are for exhibitionists who enjoy anything from low, to moderate, to extreme levels of risk. All of my Public JOI tasks begin with a special introduction that tells you exactly...

**This clip is for all my little jerk off junkies to stroke to the next time you get invited to a party. No matter what the occasion. No matter what holiday...wether it's with the family or wether its with coworkers...I don't care if your boss is there. I don't care if your wife is there. I don't care what kind of social gathering it is, I want you to lock yourself in the bathroom and stroke to this clip**
This is always such a festive time... 
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**This Interactive Humiliation Clip Requires a Permanent Marker**
Strip Loser. Get naked. Take off your clothes and show me you pathetic useless prick. Stroke for me while I laugh at you haha. Amuse me. Stand here right now and jerk it hahah What a joke. I've seen lots of losers like you stroke for me it's not exactly impressive. haha I could just turn around and ignore you too...